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The features of PROMANADE BASIC plus...


  • incorporates a number of system-wide lists including a Document Register
  • enables you to publish your management system electronically (as HTML).

[See the ADVANCED page for the fully featured version of PROMANADE]


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Download here

Download here

Key benefits include:

  • The published management system gives easy access to Process Definitions and Document Register
  • Job Descriptions can be created automatically from the process definitions
  • Data manipulation is particularly easy

This means that you can:

  • Communicate your system to all staff
  • Highlight processes that comply with sections of external standards
  • Identify risks or KPIs (eg) against selected tasks.

Specific publishing (HTML) benefits include:

  • Customise your published system to meet corporate presentation standards
  • Link to supporting documents at the point in a process they are needed
  • Use the Document Register to point to your authorised versions of forms,
    work instructions etc.