Business Process Understanding, Definition & Management

Our PROMANADE software has been specifically designed to support our proven, pragmatic view of business processes and how best to communicate and manage them.  We can provide training, support and on-site assistance to help you  to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of business process management
  • Review your critical processes to identify issues that may be a barrier to achieving a step change in performance
  • Design your own system structure
  • Define your processes with you (or for you)
  • Train your staff to define your processes and maintain your system.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to do define your own system and define your own processes, but we recognise that other priorities and resource constraints can make it difficult to meet deadlines - we can provide the resources to help you fill that gap, and offer best-practice advice at the same time.

Business Management System Design

See more detailed articles and reports on business process definition and management, including:

  • a Design Model for a Business Management System
  • detailed Guidance to help you use it and to explain the underlying concepts
  • key steps to follow to define a system
  • an explanation of the "RACI" methodology we use to define role involvements.

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