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Insight through clarity

Open or download the documents below for more details of PROMANADE and how it has benefited other organisations.

See how it could provide real CLARITY about your current operations to give you the INSIGHT needed to improve your performance and efficiency.

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Some Questions - PDF (130K):  for every organisation and every manager.  Are you different, or could PROMANADE help you too?

PROMANADE Details - PDF (550K):  an outline of the features and benefits in PROMANADE ADVANCED, and in the other versions.

Partial Client List - PDF (115K): shows the types of organisation using PROMANADE, and the range of countries and business sectors covered.

HowTo... Guides - PDF (170K):  simple, step-by-step guides to get you started using PROMANADE.

Blank flowchart template - PDF (7K):  want to map out some of your own processes to see what they look like?