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Insight through clarity

You cannot improve what you don't understand.

PROMANADE helps you to make your management system a business asset.

It uses the popular deployment (matrix) flowchart format and RACI methodology (Responsible / Accountable - or Assists / Consulted / Informed) to define clearly how people are involved in individual tasks.

It does the drawing for you and leaves you free to concentrate on defining what is done, and how to do it.

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Print it

All process details are contained in a single file, making it simple to change a job title or document location (for example) and apply the change immediately throughout the system.

Pagination is automatic, so that printing multi-page flowcharts is as simple as a single page.

Users like the clarity of the flowchart format - they can see and understand their roles in the overall process, making it easier to promote team-working, identify potential problems and implement improvements.

Publish it

You can publish your system electronically to create a single (integrated) management system with a comprehensive navigation menu and search capability, with relevant documents hyperlinked from every task which refers to them.

A user can go straight to his or her own on-line Role report to see precisely which tasks they are involved in.

Personalise it

All versions:

  • provide the facility to customise the terminology used in all output (printed and electronic), thus making it ideal for alternative language and industry specific applications
  • create a standardised, clear and simple output in deployment (matrix) flowchart format at the press of a button
  • are upwards-compatible.

Consistency of presentation, ease of applying a single change (such as an amended Job Title) that affects a number of processes, and the ability to analyse all processes in your system to create job descriptions, document usage and a range of other reports - these are all benefits which any system manager has a right to expect.