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Insight through clarity
  • Easy to install. Simple to use. Minimal hardware requirements.
  • Concise, clear format. Simple structure. Draws flowcharts for you.

PROMANADE BASIC is the introductory level version designed to help you to define and print a set of Process Definitions in a consistent presentation format.


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Download here


Key features include:

  • Draws flowcharts for you - you define what is done and who does it
  • Standard (RACI) symbols identify people's involvement in each task
  • All data is held in a single file with common registers for job functions & documents.

This means that:

  • Process descriptions are easy to define and simple to understand
  • No longer need volumes of narrative procedures
  • You achieve unique clarity - users actually like it and use it!

Specific process mapping benefits include:

  • A single change to a Role title is automatically applied to all related processes
  • It creates a standardised, clear and simple printed output in deployment (matrix)
    flowchart format at the press of a button
  • Handles pagination automatically.