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Insight through clarity

All the features of PROMANADE STANDARD plus...


  • generates a comprehensive, on-line management system with detailed search and navigation facilities
  • provides a range of comprehensive analysis reports
  • makes it easy to understand and manage the key factors affecting process performance.

See Features and Benefits for more details.

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Key benefits include:

  • Sophisticated design of the published system - integrates with your Intranet and document management
  • Customisation of the terminology on printed and published output - caters for foreign language and industry-specific terms
  • Wide range of analysis and summary reports

This means that you can:

  • Facilitate discussion and agreement
  • Search throughout the published system
  • Focus on process understanding and management rather than
    (just) compliance.

Specific published management system benefits include:

  • Customisable "sidemenu" for easier navigation
  • Alternative views of individual processes (eg performance standards,
    business risks, skills and knowledge requirements)
  • A graphical front page for your management system can be designed and
    integrated into your published system to suit your own view of the
    system structure.